Donations & Infra Info

Donations & Finances

Open Collective backers and sponsors

Lemmy.World is run by @Ruud, who also pays the bills.

Since the June 2023 user influx, those bills have gone up quite steeply. For those who would like to contribute, the following options for donations are available:

The running costs of Lemmy.World currently consist of:

  • Hetzner server
  • Hetzner backup server
  • Hetzner cloud VPS for monitoring, blog etc
  • Mailgun e-mailer
  • CloudFlare CDN (Need to switch to paid plan)
  • Monthly updates about the finances can be found at our blog

Status / Uptime

You can view our status and uptime from this site, a service provided by @Jelloeater. General Fediverse information can be viewed at this site.

Instance Images

A special thank you to @vsp for giving us an amazing logo and banner!